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Affiliate Marketing

Defined, affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission for promoting or marketing another company’s products. In this digital-driven world, it has become an extremely popular way to generate substantial online revenue and boost sales.

Basically, it’s win-win due to the fact that you can generate passive income while increasing the total revenue for the company whose products you’re promoting.

Finding the right affiliate marketing training course

When searching for an affiliate marketing training course you will be overwhelmed with options available.  Beware of products that promise you a get rich quick proven formula.  Run fast and far away.  Like any good business it takes time and effort to generate sustainable income.  This might not be what you were hoping to hear but trust me there is no short cut.  There are many options out there and you need to find the one that suites your personality and style.  For me the best training platform is one that has a community of like minded people who are there to support and help you on this journey.  You also want to find a platform that is prepared to give you a free trial run at no risk to you.  If they not prepared to do this then ask yourself how confident are they in their product?  Also be very cautious about platforms that ask you for your credit card details claiming they will not charge you.  Again run fast and far away.  Do your research, ask questions and satisfy yourself before making any financial commitments.

What are the stats?

81% of brands and utilize the power of affiliate marketing, and this percentage continues to increase every year.

For the past five years, the аffiliate marketing industry has grown by 52%.

In the US alone, there are 11,400 affiliate programs.

Over the last six months, the search interest for “affiliate marketing” has increased by 21%.

Affiliate programs generate 15% to 30% of all sales for advertisers.

Over 50% of affiliate-referred traffic comes from mobile devices.

15% of e-commerce revenue can be attributed to affiliate marketing.

How does it work?

Simply put, you (as the affiliate partner) promote a product or service on your website, social media platform, blog or via a paid advertisement. A unique affiliate link sends users directly to the website of the company you’re looking to promote. If a user then purchases a product or signs up for a service, you earn a piece of the profit they make. The referral fee differs from business to business.

To make things a bit easier, we’ve put together a handy infographic below detailing how it all works from the perspective of the affiliate partner.

How to get started

Step 1: Find an Affiliate Marketing Programme

With a platform like Wealthy Affiliate, finding affiliate programmes is easy! Choose between categories such as health and fitness, travel, clothing and accessories, and get a snapshot of the commission model for each at a glance. Simply sign up today for FREE to receive access to over 600 million products and services ready to be promoted.

Step 2: Build a Website

The next step towards fulfilling your affiliate marketing dreams is to build a user-friendly, responsive website. Platforms such as WordPress, Wix and SquareSpace are simple to use for even the most beginner web designers. With over 3000+ templates to choose from and 24/7 support on hand, SiteRubix is a website platform that allows you to build beautiful WordPress websites in mere minutes. Find out more, here!

Step 3: Promote the Products/Service

Once your website is up and running it’s time to start marketing the products or services from your selected business. You can do this via social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, via the Google Ads Search Network or organically through regularly released SEO-friendly blogs.

Step 4: Start Earning Commission

Once you’ve found an affiliate marketing programme, built a website and started promoting your chosen products or services all that’s left to do is start earning money for all the hard work you’ve put in.

Like most things, success in affiliate marketing takes time and dedication, so keep working to improve your marketing efforts and continuously track your results as you go so you know what areas need improvement.

To further familiarise yourself with the world of affiliate marketing, join the network of 1.5 million entrepreneurs on Wealthy Affiliate for free today.  You can read my latest review on Wealthy Affiliate here.


6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Finding a good course about affiliate marketing is difficult. It is even more difficult to find a training course which has excellent content, all the tools and resources that you need to build your business, included and an amazing community of people who are there to help each other. From my research it looks like Wealth Affiliate provides everything you could think of needing.

    1. Hi Castle thanks for visiting my site and for reading the article.  You absolutely correct many courses entice you to join for a low fee and then try and up-sell you as you progress. This can become expensive and difficult to budget for.  That’s what I love about Wealthy Affiliate, you can budget your monthly cost and there is no upselling because the platform has everything you need to grow a sustainable business moving forward.

  2. I love how you simply broke down what affiliate marketing is. When just starting out, this is exactly the type of article I would want to read to help me make the decision on how to choose a training program. This is a great article to help those very interested in dipping their toes into the blogging for money world. 

    1. Hi Ashton thanks for reading my post on Affiliate Marketing. Glad you enjoyed it and found it simple to understand, that’s what I was hoping to convey very succinctly to people who are new to the space.  There is a more in-depth review of the platform which covers more of the technical stuff you need to support you on your journey. All the best and shout if you need any help or have any further questions.

  3. I have absolutely loved my time with Wealthy Affiliate. The training is top-notch and the community is super helpful whenever I have a problem or get stuck. I can’t tell you how much I have learned, both through the offered coursework and just chatting with the various members. My online business is where it is today because of this company. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to start their own online business! Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi Steve thanks for visiting my page and for leaving a comment. I have had a similar experience at Wealthy Affiliate.  For me, a big plus of the platform is the community of like-minded people.  This was so useful on my journey, having people supporting and encouraging you as you grow in the space. All the best on your journey.

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