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The Wealthy Affiliate review 2022 – the truth about how to make money on Wealthy Affiliate

If you are reading this review you are interested in creating a successful business online.  Congratulations you are at the right place.  I am here to mentor you on any questions you might have with regard to Wealthy Affiliate, starting an online business, affiliate marketing or any other concerns you might have.  If you are new to the online business world it might be overwhelming, well even scary.  There is just so much information out there and who do you believe?  Who can you trust?  I am here to allay your fears and guide you on this very exciting journey as you get your brand, product or service online.

The Wealthy Affiliate review 2022 – How to make money on Wealthy Affiliate

So firstly YES you can make money on Wealthy Affiliate.  However, it is like any other successful and sustainable business.  It takes effort and dedication and there is no quick get-rich scheme.  Any product offering you money quickly or guaranteed returns, please run far away, quickly.  The success of your online business is going to be dependent on your time and commitment.  So now that we have got that out of the way let’s get to the Wealthy Affiliate review 2022.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business platform that provides you with everything you need to understand, create, grow and manage your online business and visibility.  It has in excess of 850,000 members that have formed a strong community of people who really care about helping each other.  It is a true crowd-sourcing platform of willing friends, colleagues and strangers that are there to help, support and encourage you on your personal journey.  This is one of Wealthy Affiliate’s biggest assets and is very rare to find on other platforms.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

I will elaborate further down on all the technical reasons for you to join Wealthy Affiliate.  However, the number one reason that initially drew me to choose Wealthy Affiliate over the other platforms is that you can join for free.  Yes, you heard me correct; free, nada, nothing, zero.  And no it does need your credit card or any other gimmick for you to experience the whole offering.  No other program or platform is offering this at the moment.  Wealthy Affiliate is so confident of its offering and value add that you will get access to experience everything it has to offer for free.  Surely this is a good enough reason to sign up right now?

Over the last 13 years, Wealthy Affiliate has grown to well over 1.4 million members represented in 193 countries.  They have been ranked by thousands of bloggers as the most successful online affiliate marketing training program on the planet.  The success stories are normal people like you who have discovered the secret to working independently online from anywhere in the world.  Here are some impressive stats from Wealthy Affiliate.

What will you find on the platform

TrainingTraining dashboard

The training available on Wealthy Affiliate is one of its strong selling points.  Regardless of your level of training or experience, they have made the training videos and lessons very easy to follow and understand.  The first training you will undergo is for the Online Entrepreneur Certification and is covered with 50 lessons over 5 courses.  This training will take you through the process of creating and growing any online business.  The beauty about the training is that at the end of the course not only have you built a website from scratch but you now have a very good understanding of how online businesses work.  The training is also supported by a weekly live webinar covering a broad range of topics related to enhancing and improving your online business.

Hosting Platform

Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to a user-friendly platform that integrates with WordPress thereby allowing you to register, build and manage multiple domains seamlessly.  If you have no experience with WordPress do not worry.  You will quickly become a WordPress boffin with the help of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  WordPress is ranked as the world’s favorite website platform and currently powers more than 30% of the web.  Another amazing benefit of the Wealthy Affiliate environment is that it allows you to help other members by commenting on their posts and in this way get reciprocal comments on all of your posts.  This will create activity on your page and is particularly useful for getting ranked with search engines like Google and Yahoo.  A truly pay-it-forward environment and something that I really love about Wealthy Affiliate.

Search Engine OptimizationJaaxy review

SEO is critical for any successful online business.  By undergoing the Wealthy Affiliate training you will have a thorough understanding of SEO, what it is, how it works and how you can leverage it most effectively to help grow your business.  Wealthy Affiliate membership also gives you access to Jaaxy at no extra cost.  Jaaxy is the industry’s only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. Keyword and competition research is a science and you need the right tool to help you manage this essential element of your business.  With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research.  Read our latest review on JAAXY here.


The support at Wealthy Affiliate is phenomenal and is available across numerous channels.  There are live 24/7/365 chats where you can ask for help at anytime.  And I mean anytime.  There is always someone available in your time zone.  You can also ask questions across a number of classrooms depending on what you need help with.  Classrooms cover broad subjects like Getting started, everything WordPress, SEO, social engagement, marketing, writing content, website development, keywords, etc.  I have never waited longer than 30 minutes to get a response for a question I have and it’s normally more than one response which is also great as it gives you a broader range of options to choose from.


Starter Membership: $0 YES that’s not a typo, get full access at no risk JOIN HERE NOW

Premium Membership: $29 per month with annual membership – $49 month to month


Wealthy Affiliate PricingThere is no catch or gimmick to the Starter membership.  No credit card details and no further commitment are required from your side.  Wealthy Affiliate is so confident in their offering that they believe any person who is serious about growing an online business will see the benefit of this community once they have experienced it for themselves.

When you sign up for the Starter Membership you are going to be granted instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community. This includes access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, access to the Jaaxy keyword tool, and much more.  There is no other program out there that is offering this insight and access for free.

If you are really serious about starting an online business I would recommend that you take off a couple of days or a long weekend and immerse yourself in the free membership for four to five days.  You will be absolutely amazed at how much you will learn and how quickly you can get an actual website up and running.  I joined over Christmas break and was very impressed with myself that I was able to build a fully functional website over a few days.  This is the power of Wealthy Affiliate.  No more scrawling the internet for self-help videos, internet scams, expensive online courses, or guru books.  Everything that you need to build a successful internet business has been packaged in a user-friendly platform including support from real-life people that actually want to see you succeed.

Final words of advice and special BONUS

If you are serious about growing an online business and gaining financial independence you have nothing to lose by joining the Starter Membership program.  There is no catch and you will get the opportunity to experience the world of Wealthy Affiliate for yourself.  I would recommend that you clear your calendar and immerse yourself for a few days.  After all, this could be that one decision that changes your life forever. So be serious about it and invest the time and effort to convince yourself that I am not talking nonsense.

BONUS If you join by clicking HERE I am also offering you my mentoring service and advice to help you get started at no extra cost.  I have years of experience in business and have set up and advised numerous start-up businesses.  I can provide you with critical advice and direction, especially when choosing your niche for your online business.  Read more about me here.

Claim your bonus


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89 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate review 2022 – the truth about how to make money on Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Hey Abbas, thank you for being so insightful! I can’t help but to thank you for this review. I have just signed up for wealthy affiliate and I am ever so excited to start! How did you first stumble upon wealthy affiliate? I can’t believe I haven’t heard about it until now with that big of an audience! I am so encouraged and motivated to start! Wish me luck on my journey! Best wishes to you as well!


    1. Hi Joe thanks for visiting my site and so glad that I somehow contributed towards your journey to get online. I did quite a lot of research on affiliate marketing and online business before signing up with Wealthy Affiliate.  What convinced me was the fact that they were prepared to give you access to the platform for free to experience it at no cost. Once I realised what I was getting it was an easy decision. If I must add up all the lessons and advice I have received for a fixed amount its just awesome. I don’t have to ever pay some advisor/consultant ever again.  Wishing you all te best and much success with taking ownership of your future.

  2. Hi There,

    I’m a huge fan of Wealthy Affiliate, the friendliest and best training platform on the web today. I love your review it’s really neat and tidy and gives me a great reminded how good WA is and I’m pleased to be a part of it. I can see you have really taken the Bootcamp training and it shows with your great content. I’m currently on my 80th post for one website so it’s all going really well as I hope yours does your deserve some unique traffic for your hard work. Your website looks professional.

    1. Thanks for visiting my site Jonah. This is one of the unique elements of Wealthy Affiliate, the community.  A wonderful group of people just wanting to help and encourage each other.  This is very important when working on your own and many people don’t realise the importance of having this support structure.  From someone like you just dropping a note of encouragement or someone helping me with some technical matter Im struggling with its really awesome. I very seldom have to use the WA help desk to be quite honest. I always receive prompt responses from the community on any questions I have. Wishing you all the best.

  3. The message was awesome, thank you so much for this wonderful review. I have been doing a lot of research and love your write up. This online and affiliate marketing world is so fascinating. I can see how you need to put in the time to understand it and there is no get rich quick solution.

    1. Hi Akindina thanks for visiting my site, yes you are correct it is a fascinating space and the business of the future. You are doing the right thing by trying to understand the peace before committing. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

  4. Nice article, thank you so much for sharing. I have a quick question: Is it really free to join and you get full access to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer? That is amazing if its true because most other platforms I’ve looked at wants you to pay before you get access. If this is true then I’m definitely taking up your offer. 


    1. Hi Sean, thanks for reading my review and for a very important question. Yes it is absolutely free to join, no credit card detail, nothing else than your email to give you full access to Wealthy Affiliate. This is the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate and how confident they are with what they are offering.  There is nothing to hide, no up-selling and no hidden costs.  The rates I have shown in my review is all you need to pay, you decide on monthly, 6 month or annual contract which works out at $29 per month, this is an absolute bargain for what you are getting and cannot be matched by any product out there. Looking forward to seeing you on the platform, welcome.

  5. Hi Abbas,

    This post is one of the excellent and in-depth review posts I have read lately on Wealthy Affiliate. You have provided a great walk-through on Wealthy Affiliate.

    You have given me plenty to think about here. Your review is so thorough it provided me with additional information that I was not aware of from my previous research.

    After losing money to many scams & products that under-delivered I am glad that I have come across this genuine and helpful training platform. May I ask… How long Wealthy Affiliate is in the business? (Launch date)

    1. Hi Paul thanks for reading my review and glad you found it useful and informative. Yes its a pity there are so many scams out there, this gives the industry a bad name and uninformed people cannot differentiate between the real and scam sites.  That is what I like about Wealthy Affiliate, there are no promises about get rich quick or making millions. They provide you with a very good training platform, a fantastic community of fellow entrepreneurs and ongoing support that you never need to buy any other course to establish a sustainable online business. Your reward is based only on the effort you put in. Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 so has been running for the last 15 years, a really good track record.

  6. Thank you for this review about “The Truth About How to Make Money on Wealthy Affiliate”. You’ve clearly stated that joining Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick platform.

    It’s interesting to know that this platform has so many members. Meaning, they are the people who are premium members who are involved in the community of helping one another to become successful. That sounds great.

    Amazingly, I don’t know that Wealthy Affiliate is ranked by bloggers  as the most successful online affiliate marketing training program on the planet. I have read many reviews while doing my research and I think after reading your concise review Im committing.

    1. Hi that’s great to hear and glad you have done your homework and realised that Wealthy Affiliate is the right option for you. It is a wonderful community of people that are there to support and encourage you along the way.  This is very important when starting a new business.  Yes all those bloggers cant be wrong and of course there other options but through the research I have done and my personal experience Wealthy Affiliate works for me. It has just become part of how I now operate. All the best and please reach out if you need any help.

  7. Changingworldnews

    A very comprehensive review on wealthy affiliate. All things one need to know upon joing this affiliate program is well explained. I have been reading a number of reviews but your post has highlighted some new things and clarified all my doubts. Thanks for sharing. Very helpful article, can we please chat off line?

    1. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.  Yes I am more than happy to have a chat to answer any questions you might have. You can contact me by email on or if you join for free we can chat via the platform and I can show you how the platform works.  The second option might be easier because then I can use the platform to answer any questions you have. Looking forward to our chat.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this review and breaking it down in such a simple way.  I have been investigating various training offerings and I must say Wealthy Affiliate seems like the real thing.  There is so many people sharing good things about the platform and the community. I’m going to take the leap and based on your review I’m joining. Looking forward to learning from you. Thank you so much for breaking down the overview of wealthy affiliate. 

    1. Hi Angela that is wonderful news, you will not be disappointed.  Myself and many other people are here to help you which is the big upside of Wealthy Affiliate. Once you have registered go straight to the training portal and start your journey to building your online business. See you on the other side.

  9. Great post on wealthy affiliate you have here I have been on the platform for a couple of months now and it’s a very wonderful place to learn a lot of new stuff. I was introduced by a friend who has started making a five figure income now. I’m telling you, anyone who goes through the training diligently and focuses on the possibilities of making so much will be successful as an affiliate marketer. The support is awesome and the training is explicit. Nice review you have here.

    1. Hi Riley thanks for popping by and always good to hear from people who have experienced the platform. As you say it is really a wonderful place to learn and get support on an ongoing basis. It is not easy and quick but if you go through the training and put in the hours your chance of success is very high, its all up to you how desperate are you to have a sustainable online business. Enjoy the journey, will be following your success.

  10. Thanks for the amazing review, really informative. Have been looking at this for a while now. I think this is the one. How can I join?

    1. Hi Uzoma thanks for visiting my site and reading the review. Glad to hear that you are ready to take the plunge. Please click on the link in my review and I will get you on the other side. Enjoy the journey

  11. I can say this is a comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate and you have mentioned all the good things about the program. In fact, with the price that I’ve heard Wealthy Affiliate is charging, it’s a bargain and you can get more value than what you’re paying for. The training itself is worth a thousand dollars and add to that, one can host multiple websites with the hosting, something expensive in other platforms out there. 

    What are the cons vs pros with respect to Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Hi Thanks for reading my review and for the question.  For me the main thing with WA is that it delivers on what it promises. There is no up-selling after you have signed up which is really great and something that seriously irritates me about many other online training platforms.  There is literally no question that you cannot get answered through the platform so you have a 24/7 tutor and learning guide. So with regard the cons I really havnt yet hit anything that I have felt is a problem for me.  The platform and system works and the success is completely dependent on how much effort you put in. All the best.

  12. Thanks you so much for introducing me to Wealthy Affiliate.  Within my first three months of joining the platform I have been able to host my website and got it ranked on Google and likewise my articles were indexed. So glad I followed your advise, Im thoroughly enjoying the learning experience and as you say the platform is so supportive and inspiring. Im learning everyday and building on my knowledge and starting to spend more time on growing my sites. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi so glad you popped by again and yes looks like you are making great progress. This is only the start, looking forward to following your success.

  13. Great article, thank you for sharing. I have been considering joining Wealthy Affiliate for long time now and this review and your offer to provide mentoring has given me the confidence to take this step. I love the idea that I will have full access to the whole platform as a trial, that’s really great. Thank you so much for your review and the advise offered.

    1. Hi Afonzo thats wonderful news, you have made the right choice in becoming independent. Im looking forward to working with you and helping you to grow your business. See you on the platform.

  14. This is really a beautiful piece of information about Wealthy Affiliate. This shows how knowledgeable you are about the platform. I’m a writer and very much interested and want to be a member. But there are some thoughts going on in my head. Aside from affiliate marketing, is there any other means I can make money from Wealthy Affiliate? 

    1. Hi Leon, thanks for visiting and the question. You are absolutely correct there is a whole online business world beyond affiliate marketing. What WA provides you with is a holistic training and education platform that gives you this holistic picture. When joining WA I had a very superficial understanding of online business.  After going through the training, asking questions and getting exposed to the community I now have a deep understanding of the online world and through this understanding you are able to spot business opportunities. In your case the writing world has thousands of business opportunities waiting to be untapped. This has been the greatest lesson for me being part of WA. I can now see these opportunities and I can quickly try out things without being dependent on “specialists” and “consultants”. You will love this aspect of the WA platform. 

  15. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us and through your article I got the opportunity to have a better understanding about affiliate Marketing . Affiliate marketing is definitely the route to go if you want to make money online.  I like the way you have explained the platform, the training, the community and also that there is no get rich quick scheme.  Im definitely going to take you up on your offer for mentoring and cannot wait to get my first website published. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to take this step.

    1. Hi Shanta thank you very much for reading my 2020 review of Wealthy Affiliate. Im so glad that you have taken the decision to empower yourself. The whole community is there to help you and I look forward to seeing you succeed. Here’s to a successful and empowering 2020.

  16. Hello Abbas, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am glad I stumbled upon your review because I did not know that it can be paid every 6 months. I am a member for 1 year and I am very satisfied so far, Wealthy Affiliate helped me to establish myself on the internet. I could definitely recommend it to all people who want to earn online.

    Before joining WA I did extensive research and after reading much reviews I decided WA was the right one for me. Thanks to people like you that provide clear and honest reviews I have embarked on a very exciting journey that has been very rewarding. Thank you  

    1. Thanks for reading my review and glad I was able to provide you with some new information. Wishing you all the best with your online business.

  17. Thank you for an in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate. This definitely looks like a great platform with a lot of value. I love the fact that it covers everything from the technical platform and support to the training on how to create our own business on the net. From all my research Im ready to commit to WA. I’ve got a question about the free access… is this forever free or is there a time limit? I’ve heard some people say its time-limited, is that true?

    1. Hi Steve thanks for reading my review and for the question. The Starter membership allows you to access the platform and see whats available, you can interact with members, set up a website, review the training etc.  You will stay at this level until you decide to become a Premium member which then unlocks all the benefits. There is no time limit. All the best with you journey.

  18. In my opinion after having done much research and also reading this review I believe wealthy affiliate is by far the best online training program that teaches you how to make money from the comfort of your home. The training seems to have proven to work as many are going full time into their own business as Wealthy Affiliate members. I’m signing up, thanks for all the advise, looking forward to a prosperous year.

    1. Hi Norman thanks for visiting my page and for the feedback. Im so glad you have made the choice to invest into your future, please reach out on the platform whenever you have any questions.  Wishing you all the best for 2020.

  19. I think that this gives a nice summary of what you get with wealthy affiliate and anyone that has not known about or ever used wealthy affiliate will appreciate learning what it is exactly about. Has wealthy affiliate helped you become more successful online and in what ways? What tools like jaaxy do you like the most?

    1. Hi Jon thanks for visiting and glad you found the article useful. The biggest advantage for me from joining Wealthy Affiliate is that it has given me the knowledge of how online businesses work and  now I know how to leverage this huge business opportunity in so many different ways. I suppose the best tool has been the ability to build my own site from scratch. WA has really made it so simple. I am able to search for appropriate domains, secure them and then launch the website within a few minutes, yes you read correct, a few minutes. Whats really nice is that as you build out your site you are able to make changes yourself, this is really empowering and not something I thought I would be able to do.

  20. Hello Abbas – great review about Wealthy Affiliate.   I would just like to confirm all you have written. I joined Wealthy Affiliate March of last year and it was a godsend. I am so blessed to have found them early in my seeking a career as an online affiliate. The training makes everything so easy. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone considering or involved in affiliate marketing.  Thanks for this opportunity!

    1. Hi Nathaniel thanks for the feedback and glad to hear that you are having a good experience with WA. Yes you are correct the training does make it simple however success comes with hard work as we have all discovered. Wishing you all the best for a prosperous 2020.

  21. Hello. Thank you so much for this 2020 Wealthy Affiliate review. For me, this is the place where I found the real success.
    I created my own online business and this year I decided to quit my daily job and focus more on affiliate marketing. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is truly the place where you can learn a lot from the training and become a successful entrepreneur.
    In my opinion, this is the perfect place for everyone who wants to make money online and become what they have always wanted. For me the biggest advantage is the communication with the other members. I was always helped and I help everyone who has some difficulties on this platform. You are definitely one of those who help and thank you for that. 

    Wish you all the best! 

    1. Hi thanks for leaving a comment, glad to hear that you are enjoying the platform and that you have made the big jump into entrepreneurship. wishing you much success in 2020 and may your business grow from strength to strength this year and beyond.

  22. Hi there! Thanks for this information. You’ve definitely provided a comprehensive overview of all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer in 2020. Just wondering what you think is the most important thing to becoming successful in this type of business? And what is the most common reason that people fail? Thanks so much for your time! 

    1. Hi Katie thanks for visiting Web business mentor. The most important thing is commitment of time and having a passion. From a technical perspective the Wealthy Affiliate platform has significant support and systems to grow your online business. If you are committed and put in the time its difficult not to succeed. Its like any other business, you have to put in the effort. There is no quick way to make sustainable money. So the main reason for failing is people thinking they can put in one or two hours over a weekend and they will grow a business. Its just not going to happen.  If you have a passion then there are other people out there with the same passion and thats what you can tap into. And if its your passion then you will find it easy to write and come up with ideas. All the best for 2020 and follow your passion.

  23. Thanks Abbas for your great review on wealthy affiliate.I have read more on wealthy affiliate review and your is no exception to those I read earlier.
    Im in Ghana and Im very eager to joining the platform but it seem wealthy affiliate doesn’t accept people from my country, Ghana.please is there any other option for me.

    1. Hi Dennis thanks for visiting, that is strange that you cannot access the platform from Ghana. Please advise what error message you are getting and I will see if I can help.

  24. Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of tools and features to go with. It can be a little overwhelming at the beginning but with patience and focus, one can easily master everything to maximize full potentials. I’m a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate and I’m having a great time there. The money is worth it

    1. Thanks for your feedback and glad to hear that you are having a great time.  This has been my experience as well, there is just so much to learn on a daily basis.  Its all dependent on how much effort you put in. And you can have a sustainable business, YES.

  25. A really great and detailed article! So far I’ve not come across other platforms that has as much positive reviews as Wealthy Affiliate. 

    For myself who has zero knowledge on affiliate marketing and website creation, Wealthy Affiliate has been my online school. It’s really great that my ‘school’ is open 24/7 and I can log in as and when I want. I signed up for premium within a week, and got my own website up and running within a week too. The yearly plan is also a worth amount to spend instead of monthly; isn’t it great to get a great amount of knowledge for a discount?

    But of course, I get into WA knowing it will take effort and time before I start earning (its NOT a get-rich-quick scheme), so be prepared to put in the effort as with other things, doing things half-hearted will not get one far.

    1. Hi Idris thanks for visiting my review and yes people who are part of Wealthy Affiliate experience the benefit on a daily basis.  If you follow the training it is very difficult to go wrong.  Like any business it can take time but stay motivated and do what you need to do. All the best on your journey

  26. One of my favourite platform for learning and building my business online is Wealthy Affiliate. It is a platform like no other with great minds striving for success. I discovered it is very easy to succeed when you are around success oriented people with like minds. The motivation here is top notch.

    1. Thanks for visiting, I couldn’t agree with you more. The wealthy Affiliate community is just so great and encouraging, I just love it. Everyone wanting to see each other succeed.  With all the negativity around on social media this is such a positive place to be. So you can have a business, make money and get positive therapy, what a bargain LOL

  27. Yo dudes! I love this platform from the depths of my heart. It’s the best thing that has happened to me in the online world while trying to build my online business. Everything ranging from training, support, tools etc are something to ponder over and over again. I’d advise anyone looking to achieve success to give Wealthy Affiliate a try and see for themselves.

    1. Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear you are having an awesome experience at Wealthy Affiliate. You are correct the information initially feels overwhelming but once you get into it there is so much information that is so easily accessible. A lot of effort has gone into the user interface which makes the experience wonderful

  28. Hello Abbas. This is an excellent review and I love it. You are very correct about running away from get rich quick scheme. But humans these days are always after shinning objects not knowing that shinning objects are shinning outwards and very rusty inwards. Wealthy Affiliate is gold inward and outward

    1. Hi Barry thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I have seen so many online scams and innocent people being ripped off, its very sad.  You don’t need to con people to make money but some people are desperate and will try to take the short cut.  That’s what I love about Wealthy Affiliate, everything is transparent and you are told upfront that its going to take effort. Make the commitment, put in the effort and you can succeed on this platform.

  29. This sounds like an amazing opportunity! Is it really risk free? I won’t have to put a credit card on file to get to try out the website? I am typically very cynical about these online making money schemes, but this actually sounds legit! I am looking forward to starting! Thank you for the review!

    1. Hi Travis yep you read correct, its absolutely free to try out without having to put in any credit card details.  They are so confident of their ecosystem that they are making the full platform available at no cost on a trial basis.  This is one of the things that attracted me to Wealthy Affiliate in the first place. Many other products need you to pay to try out.  However for me the most significant value of WA is the community of like minded people.  This is really wonderful to experience and be part of. Give it a try and let me know.

  30. Great write up on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and community. I also have a favorable opinion of WA. You mentioned the truth of any platform or online business (or any offline one for that matter) and that is that it will take hard work and a lot of practice! To achieve anything of note you need to be persistent and dedicated. And it doesn’t hurt to actually care about what your doing and have fun doing it! Take care

    1. Hi Dogg thanks for dropping by.  Persistence and dedication to achieve success is the best way.  And yes when you can combine that with something you are passionate about then its a bonus and you can count yourself lucky.  And Wealthy Affiliate provides the perfect platform and community for you to achieve this.

  31. Hi,

    Thanks for this review of Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve joined as a premium member based on your advise and really loving it.  There is just so much information and help available.  Really love the community support and meeting new people who share a similar passion for affiliate marketing. I have managed to build my website from scratch, something I am very proud of.  Didn’t have much experience when I joined so enjoying how much I have learnt from the training program that is so well structured.  I now have more time to dedicate towards my online business and that helps. For anyone looking to understand online business this is teh place to be. 

    1. Hi Nate thanks for the great feedback and so glad that you are enjoying the journey and learning everything about affiliate marketing.  The community at Wealthy Affiliate is awesome, all the best

  32. Hey thank ou for the awesome review and mentorship!  Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to go for experts and for novice people like I was!  I really like that they teach you how to make a website based off a niche, which can be something you are passionate about!  They make work fun! Thank you so much for your recommendation and support, very thankful. 

    1. Hi Jessie thanks for dropping me a note, dont forget everyone starts off as a novice.  The more effort you put in the more of an expert you will become.  There is no short cut to making money but the time you invest now will set you up very well for the digital online future. Enjoy the training.

    1. Hi Kunal yes you can use Wealthy AFfiliate to promote your existing website. You have a great site and the tools, support and advise you will get through WA will make a big difference to quickelink. Why dont you try it out for free? Click HERE to register, no obligations, no credit card details and see for yourself.

  33. Hello Abbas, thanks for sharing more light on wealthy affiliate. I have been involved with some online sites and I have only recently joined wealthy affiliate. So far I have had some experience and I wish to start making some money from it as well. Reading through this post have given me more knowledge of the platform and some things I’ll love to utilize from it. Best regards.

    1. Hi Benson thanks for visiting and welcome to the WA community. Yes there is a lot to take in and you can learn something new everyday.  Its really up to you how much you want to get out. Just keep at it and you will succeed. All the best.

  34. Needless do I say that this is a very great post and has covered every part of wealthy affiliate. I like the fact that it is zero risk as that would make it a win-win situation. As I would need no capital before I can earn tangible money here. Thanks so much for sharing this. I like the training and the support offered here on this platform. I will actually check it out

    1. Hi Shelley you will not be disappointed with choosing Wealthy Affiliate, it is a really wonderful community of people and  a great platform for immersing yourself into the online business arena. And as you say there is zero risk for you, give it a try and let me know if you need any help or advise. 

  35. You have broken down every puzzle that might have been a reason I never wanted to get attached with wealthy affiliate before. Thank you so much for sharing all these with me. Wealthy affiliate seems to be a great platform for beginner affiliates like me to learn the full rudiments of affiliate marketing and to learn the ways yo maximize the potentials irrespective of the niche selected. Thanks

    1. Hi Rodarrick glad you found my review informative. I have looked at many products and this one is by far the easiest and most cost effective option I have come across. Its great for newbies and you will enjoy the wonderful community of people that are here to support you.

  36. Wow, so much information on wealthy affiliate here. I must say that this is really good because i have not seen anyone give so much detail on the platform before. I have been on wealthy affiliate for a while now and the tools that are offered are just cool. The support from the community and the owners is awesome. For anyone who wants to make money online, this is the best way. One should note though that making money on wealthy affiliate is only through hard work and dedication. It is not a get rich quick platform.

    1. Hi John thanks for your feedback and glad you like the information I have shared.  You are absolutely correct hard work and dedication is required like any other successful business. All the best on your journey. 

  37. When i first found out about wealthy affiliate, i had so much problem because i couldn’t find a single negative review of the platform. I decided that i would give the free version a try to see how it works. Once i did, i enjoyed every single part of the training and decided to move on to the premium account where the real deal is. I was able to connect with the owner who chatted with me like he was a long-time friend. After this, i was able to create a website myself. I got some awesome tools to use too which helped. I will also recommend wealthy affiliate to anyone looking to make money online.

    1. Hi John thanks for your feedback and great to hear that you are also having a positive experience being part of WA. The interaction with the owners are great and part of the culture of the business that I love. All the best.

  38. I was starter member of Wealthy Affiliate for only 1 week. I learnt so much from the free training I decided to go premium because I want to experience other tools such as Jaaxy lite, the SEO and of course I want to experience site comments and give my professional feedback to earn $.50 for every other comment I make. 

    It’s my 2nd month now and I’m supposed to pay $49 but I didn’t have the money to continue my membership. It was automatically deducted from my cash credit I earn from the site comment. Isn’t it amazing?

    Just like you, what I like most with WA is the ever helpful and positive community we got. People are so accommodating in answering your inquiries. They also give encouragement to co members to continue the hard work. Thanks for sharing WA . There is always room for everyone.

    1. Hi Missus thanks for visiting my page and for your positive feedback. Yes you are correct I have only had a positive experience with WA and learnt so much over a short period of time. All the best with your online business.

  39. That’s an awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate. This post have cleared many of my doubts and surprisingly I come to know about new information regarding 6 months membership fees. I had no idea about 6 month membership fees. 

    Your analysis is in depth and comprehensive. It answers all the questions any newbie wants to know, also it is useful for existing members of Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Joining wealthy affiliate had been the best decision in my life. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful review of Wealthy Affiliate Platform. 

    1. Hi Akshay thanks for visiting my website and glad you enjoyed the review. Yes the six month membership is a good option when you are still not 100 % convinced or tight on budget. That should be enough time to convince you that this is the right platform if you are serious about an online business.

  40. Adrian Holland

    Thanks for a great article. It brought back memories as the article that brought me here about 6 months ago was also a clear straight forward, no nonsense appraisal just like yours.

    I think that perhaps one day the penny will drop in regard to the money while you sleep, get rich quick scams on the web, when it does we will all be in trouble as there is undoubtedly a massive pool of talent trying to make money on-line, if all of that talent was to suddenly realise that they can fulfil their dreams, if they become prepared to do the work and handle the frustrations of trying to build authority. 

    1. Hi Adrian thanks for visiting my website and taking the time to read my review. Yes once online business is understood it will be absolutely crazy. That day is approaching so prepare for the disruption. All teh best with your online business.

  41. Thank you for this description of Wealthy Affiliate platform and what it offers. I agree, the change in operation from paperwork to creating and running a business online can be a bit intimidating. What looks like advantages to me is the support offered and the opportunity to interact with other members for mutual benefit. It also offers websites, hosting, and training in one place. it means you can never lose by being a member and even if you leave you would have learned so much. Thanks for the explanations. Does the platform have any grouping of members with similar niches?

    1. Hi JJ thanks for visiting Web Business mentor and glad you found the article useful.  The support on WA is one of its strengths from both admin support but also from its members.  There are just too many niches so a bit difficult to create groups but you are free to reach out to all members with similar interests.

  42. Selenity Jade

    Excellent review, thank you!  I absolutely love how you encouraged people to take some time to explore Wealthy Affiliate free at first.  That’s definitely something I think everyone should do at first.  Take the entire first free week of all-access and decide if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you or if you’re serious about getting started in affiliate marketing yet.  People should do this with anything before they buy or subscribe. If a service or product online doesn’t have a free trial, be very suspicious.  I want to know exactly what I’m purchasing before I do it, so I second the recommendation to sign up, take some time to explore for free, and decide if it’s right for you.  I know Wealthy Affiliate is one of my favorite resources!

    1. Hi Jade thanks for visiting and the positive feedback, yes this is very unique to Wealthy Affiliate and speaks volumes of the product. All the best with your online business.

  43. Hey Abbas, thanks for the information you provided about Wealthy Affiliate, I never tire of people writing about what a great platform it is to start your own business especially since Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to so much for so little. Incidentally, your review was awesome and I make it a note to remember all of the reviews for Wealthy Affiliate, they’re a constant reminder of the choice we made to be successful. How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Hi RJ yes it is a great platform, I have perused numerous platforms before joining Wealthy Affiliate at the end of last year.  It is a great training platform but for me the biggest asset is the members. Such a wonderful community of people that want to help and support you. All the best on your journey.

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